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Tabbouleh (Red Bulgur, Parsley and Mint Salad)

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I made this recipe back in August, when my tomatoes and cucumbers were very abundant – but tabbouleh can be made at any time of the year! If you have garden tomatoes, this recipe is an excellent way to use them before they go bad. This is also an excellent dish for the colder months, when you need to be pulled out of the winter blues.

Give this recipe a try and I’m sure you’ll be saying to yourself, “why I haven’t made this before!”

Xoxo, KK

Serves 6


·         2 cup red bulgur wheat, cook according to the package (I used Bob’s Red Mill Bulgar)

·         2 bunches flat-leaf parsley, finely minced (should make about 1 cup)

·         3 medium-sized ripe tomatoes, finely diced

·         2 Persian cucumbers, finely diced

·         1 handful fresh mint, minced

·         1/2 cup red medium onion, finely diced

·         ⅓ cup extra-virgin olive oil

·         1⁄3 cup fresh lemon juice

·         3 stalks of scallions, thinly sliced crosswise

·         1 teaspoon ground paprika

·         1 teaspoon ground cumin

·         3 teaspoon kosher salt

·         2 teaspoon black pepper


1.       While the tabbouleh does not take much time to prepare, the bulgur wheat does need to be soaked for 30 minutes in cold water. Begin by soaking your bulgur wheat before moving onto chopping all of your other ingredients.

2.       Next, chop all your tabbouleh ingredients.

3.       To combine, take a large bowl and begin by adding your cucumbers, onions and mint. Stir well with a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients.

4.       Next, add your minced tomato and stir again. At this point, let the ingredients sit until your bulgur wheat is fully soaked and cooked.

5.       Add your parsley and bulgur wheat to your tabbouleh and stir gently until well combined.

6.       Add your olive oil and half of your lemon juice and again stir.

7.       Add your cumin, paprika, salt and black pepper and stir. While stirring, add the remaining portion of lemon juice to help distribute the spices. Taste for seasoning.

8.       Garnish with sliced scallions and more grinds of black pepper.