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Hot Italian Sausage, Green Beans, Mushroom, Cherry Tomatoes, Egg Pappardelle and Parmesan

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When I was growing up, one of my favorite meals was Italian sausage crumbled with fresh green beans and parmesan.  Part of me has always wished that I was Italian.  I have this mad lust about pasta, sauce and cheese. My mom would make her own spaghetti sauce with grated carrots and celery. It was never from a jar, and before I knew what was good for me, I wanted that jar. My mom, Judy, wanted to give us wholesome meals that didn’t have any additives and wanted to share her love of fresh ingredients.

My mother’s “Sausage with Green Beans” sounded more like a side dish to me so I expanded the idea and created a fast, simple, and elegant weekday meal for a family. Not only is it tasty, but it also feeds a family of six. That is how I grew up, I was taught how to cook by my mother and she taught us by cooking for a family of six. It’s still hard for me to scale back and think I am only cooking for two. I still can’t cook for two! Thank goodness I love leftovers. J

 My sister Heidi and her family (Pete, Isaac, Silas and Luke) LOVE my mom’s original recipe, it is a staple in their household and I hope that my new revised version will be a staple in yours.

Hot Italian Sausage, Green Beans, Mushroom, Cherry Tomatoes, Egg Pappardelle and Parmesan

1 package of mild or hot Italian sausages

1 package of fresh green bean (Haricot Verts) - I get these at Trader Joe’s – cut these into 1 inch pieces

1 container of cherry tomatoes

1 package of button mushrooms - cleaned and quartered

1 T Butter - unsalted

1 red onion - diced

5 garlic cloves – minced

1 C dry white wine

1 C Chicken broth or Turkey broth

¼ t Red pepper flakes

4 Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers (Trader Joe’s) –Sliced or Quartered

4 sprigs of fresh thyme (this came from my garden) – (http://wholelifestylenutrition.com/recipes/how-to-remove-leaves-from-thyme/)

4 sprigs of fresh oregano (this came from my garden)

8 basil leaves – Chiffonade

Salt and Pepper

2 packages of Egg Pappardelle

Directions: Get a big pot on the stove and follow the instructions for the Papperdelle and add about 2 TBS of salt to the water and bring it to a boil.

Sauce: Heat up a pan, I use a 12’ cast iron pan, but you can use whatever frying pan in your house. Remove the casing of the sausage and crumble the meat into the hot pan.  Brown the meat until all sides are brown. Then transfer the meat into a bowl and set aside. Using the same frying pan, it should still be hot, add the butter and then onions and mushrooms. Let the onions and mushrooms sweat for about 10 minutes and then add the garlic and then about 2 t of salt and 5 big grinds of pepper. Once you can see through the onions, but they are not brown, you are going to deglaze the pan with wine! Pour the wine and then pour yourself a glass too! With the back of your spoon, scrap up all those brown bits from the pan. That is the flavor of your sauce, all those lovely brown bits. Then add your chicken stock, thyme, oregano, pepper flakes, and your cherry peppers. Bring that to a boil. Once at a boil, reduce the heat to simmer for 5 minutes and then add the meat for another and let the sauce reduce and simmer.  After about 5 minutes, add the green beans and cook them until al denti.

While the meat sauce simmers, add the pasta to the water. Follow the instructions and the pasta should be done in 10 minutes. *I always do two minutes less then what it says on the box.

Fold the sauce and the pasta together. Add the basil and taste for seasoning. Sprinkle with parmesan.